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This weekend is a Carry on Britain outing to the Yorkshire Dales. Carry on Britain is a blog that some friends and I run, which is promoting British produce. As a research trip we are heading the Yorkshire Dales and spending the weekend walking, eating Wensleydale cheese and drinking bitter. I just hope the weather stays nice.

Happy bank holiday weekend

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This is me




Originally I was just going to keep putting my prints up on the blog and not really write about anything else but it turns out I have a lot to say! Who would have thought? So for the next few weeks I am going to start raving on about all the blogs that I read, who and what inspires me and in between all of that, I am going to add some of my prints.

Firstly… I am Louise. I am a product designer by day and avid blog reader and print designer by night. I completed a degree in Textile Design 5 years ago and since then, I have been a product designer, dabbling in prints whenever I can. I have always found fashion, interiors and surface pattern very interesting and I must read 50+ blogs a day, thats before I even hit the magazines. I know it very time consuming, so after having a huge sketchbook with all my research I decided to be kinder on the planet and create my own blog.  I hope you like it anyway and from now on I will be posting all sorts of  images to inspire you.

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Home Sweet Home

home-sweet-homeJust got home from 10 days in China today with work. It’s always good to come home, I am craving a good cup of tea, some healthy food and I can’t wait to get back into the print studio. I have the rest of the week off work as holiday and it’s also time to recover, but I am booked in the print studio at 12 so the jet lag is put on hold for a few days!

I have promised myself from today I will update the blog regularly and I will have patterns coming out of my ears!

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