Happy New Year


A year where I realized; how important my friends and family are, how white wine should never be consumed in social situations, and that however much I run, my thighs will never be like Beyonce’s. Highlights of the year include meeting a whole new amazing set of friends who make me laugh and support me everyday, Glastonbury (why didn’t I continue to go every year from 2003) where I had such a magical 5 days. Finding out one of my closest friends is pregnant was also a high point but then the harsh realization that I’m now an adult followed soon after. Bonding in Madrid, Uma, wedding plans and leaving Manchester… all memorable moments.

As good as 2011 has been, I think 2012 is going to be so much better. Weddings, Lady Gaga,Italy, photography, bigger glasses, pretty patterns and trips to Paris. I really feel that I’m closing the book on one chapter and starting something new. I just hope it turns out to be as exciting as I feel it could be (white wine not included).

Happy New Year.

Credits: The Cherry Blossom Girl, Little Brown Pen, Frolic, Happy Things Tumblr & Flickr.
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