London Inspiration

Its been a whole week since I came back from London and its taken me this long to catch up with all my missed work, so sorry about the lack of posts. I am currently working on some new collections for my new website which hopefully should be up and running in the next month (fingers crossed).

Anyway here are some samples of wrapping paper and cards that I brought when I was in London. I went to Libertys which was amazing as usual and saw there new scarf department which is just incredible. I must get a better phone so I can take sneaky snaps when out and about.

Both by Alice Stevenson for Art Angels. I love the use of colour and the mixture of the roses and bright florals.

All found in Liberty.

Two cards found in the Saatchi Gallery by Ninteenseventythree.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am on a Bookbinding course at Hot Bed Press which Lucy May Schofield. I cant wait because I really enjoyed the Porfolio Box making course I did with her a few months back. Ill post pictures of my creations next week.

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