No, not the drink. I know what you were all thinking.

Baileys home and garden is run by Mark and Sarah Bailey, who between them have a wealth of experience in product, furniture and interior design. They have worked with Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Donna Karan, Liberty and Habitat as well as working on projects with V&A and the Royal Shakespeare company.

wellie_rack shoelast_burner

Baileys has been evolving for the past 25 years and is based around the guiding principles of reuse, repair and recycle. Their attitude to home improvement is “undecoration” which perfectly describes what they do.

“One of our favourite things is to reuse unloved bits and pieces (small or large) that we find on our travels, and give them a new lease of life – it’s our version of recycling… so abandoned bobbins from old textile mills turn up on our shelves as egg timers, lamp bases or string holders; scraps of floor board become mirror frames, tables or even kitchen units.”

I love Baileys style. I think it comes from my mum who used to drag home pieces of battered furniture and sit for hours lovingly restoring them. I admit back then I use to look at her like she was ‘mental’ but now, 10 years on, my home is filled with battered furniture that I have dragged home from somewhere or other.

threshing barn threshing barn checkout

In the summer I was treated to a little trip to the Baileys shop which is next door to Mark and Sarahs home . This old barn has been restored and  repaired and now is the most amazing shop full of treats, as well a cafe serving homemade cakes and lunches made from local produce. Not only does the shop sell Baileys creations but also pieces from small family run British companies who have been making the same things for generations – such as beautiful Burleigh pottery – which is still made in Stoke-on-Trent.

cowshed cafe

All pictures from Baileys

I was totally overcome with excitement when we visited the shop and I am hoping to get back in the New Year to buy the pieces that I missed out on last time. What I loved the most though was that both Sarah and Mark were busy serving and bustling around which gave a real personal element to a very charming and homely environment.

Baileys also have a book called Recycled Home which can be purchased here.

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