Cool Hunting Week 4 – Menswear continued

Northern Exposure

Week 4 of the course we were asked to research the emerging trends that we saw bubbling up from our street observations last week, this really appealed to me as I love trying to work out where a trend has come from and why as consumers we all decide to buy into it at the same time.

Last week when I was at Brick Lane I noticed a lot of them men were wearing Red Wing boots, for those of you who don’t know what they are they are an American brand that has been going since 1905. Originally they were work boots for the mining, logging and farming industry, they were handcrafted and built to last. These factors are the key drivers to why we are seeing them reappear in 2014, the quest for an item of clothing that will stand the test of time, take you on a journey and age and weather as you do. We are yearning for products to be honest and well made, the time of throw a way fashion is behind us, its time to buy less and buy better. I have also noticed that we have a current obsession with all thing Americana, I read somewhere that post recession we are yearning for a time when America was top of the world with regards to money and power, Im not sure whether thats true or not, but its an interesting thought.



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