Cool Hunting Week 3 – Streetstyle

Week 3 - Streetstyle - Menswear

Week 3 is the most interesting but daunting week of the course. For our project this week we were asked to go out and scout the streets of our local town or city and try to spot trends, then using the photographs from the day compose a moodboard which we would then present back to the class. I decided head to Brick Lane, luckily the weather was on my side and after a quick circuit around Spitalfields Market I finally plucked up the courage to ask people if I could take there photo. Its daunting to say the least but most of the people I asked were actually quite flattered and happily posed for a photograph. I loved speaking with them, having a little bit of banter, finding out what they were wearing and why and I think this came across in my photographs. I started with a view of taking as many photographs as I could, but as the day went on I found I was drawn to menswear as it just seemed to stand out much more than the womenswear. Most of my pictures were of men that were a little older and again they just seemed to be pushing more boundaries and really standing out. I loved the sense of confidence that they oozed, along with the bold colours, clean lines and how they played with different textures. I’ve decided to take some of the micro trends that I spotted on the day and try and pull them together to one trend story which I can hopefully post next week.

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