Cool Hunting Week 2 – Harmony

Harmony - CSM - Week 2

Week 2 on the course we learned all about how the internet can be a valuable tool when trend forecasting. Our project was to research into a future trend, I chose SS16 and looked into how consumer habits are shaping the clothes that we want to wear.

Mindfulness has been everywhere this year. It’s one of the key buzz words and meditation has become common place, not only within our homes, but also within the workplace. Companies such as Facebook and Google offer meditation classes to keep the stress levels down, giving employees a time to reflect. Taking time to reflect on the last few years and seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses offers a sense of comfort and softness in a chaotic world.

I recently saw an interview with Li Edelkoort about how we are craving touch; “the more screens we have the more our figures are afraid we’re going to disappear,” she says. “I feel it already in my fingers that they want me to touch lots of things so I don’t loose contact with touch.” Thats why soft, buttery leathers, 3D knits and delicate silks in bleached-out peach tones with sand washed neutrals are so important in 2016.

Shapes take inspiration from history but are reworked in a modern and minimal way. Everything about this trend is soft, comforting and quietly feminine.

You can find further research on my Harmony Pinterest board.



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