Cool Hunting Week 1 – Varsity

imageOur next project as part of week 1 was to create a moodboard which showed a current trend.

I wanted to pick something that isn’t typically my style, but is a trend that I really love at the moment. Varsity has been greatly influenced by the Nineties, an era that I love, along with sportswear, street culture and music. Sportswear is huge right now and working out has never been so popular. I say this from my bed having done my back in at the gym, boo!

Exercise such as Cross Fit and Skinny Bitch Collective are becoming really mainstream and women want to prove that they can lift just a heavy weights as the men can. This has really filtered into fashion showing that sportswear isn’t just for the gym anymore. Celebraties such as Rhianna and Rita Ora for Adidas have not only increased the popularity of this trend but also given it a strong female face.

Coated fabrics, quilting and mesh help smooth the transition from sports to high street and the Varsity jacket is the must have item. I love the images on the board because they show how a youthful trend can worn by women over the age of 30 (ie. me.!)

You can see further research on my Varsity Pinterest Board 

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