Colour Clash

Credits: All images and credits on my Colour Clash Pinterest board. 

One of the biggest things happening in world of design at the moment is the reintroduction of colour.

I started to look at this a few months ago with the kaleidoscope of colour in the world of fashion and I am so happy it has trickled down to the high street and the world of interiors. Gone are the basic primary colours and in its place we have an amazing array of fluorescence and sophisticated bright pastels. Key elements are the use of matte colour in the kitchen and and shots of colour on table legs, which, when mixed with muted greys, make it much easier to use in the home. 

Black Christmas


Credits: All found via Pinterest

Christmas this year is all about craft, but we aren’t thinking about this year, we are thinking about next year! Next christmas, I think black will really come into its own, but will have a more rustic and soft appeal. The introduction of maps and newspaper print will make this harsh colour softer and more appealing. Coupled with textures such as slate, knit and beautiful hand drawn typography, this will be black for the mass market.