Cool Hunting Week 4 – Menswear continued

Northern Exposure

Week 4 of the course we were asked to research the emerging trends that we saw bubbling up from our street observations last week, this really appealed to me as I love trying to work out where a trend has come from and why as consumers we all decide to buy into it at the same time.

Last week when I was at Brick Lane I noticed a lot of them men were wearing Red Wing boots, for those of you who don’t know what they are they are an American brand that has been going since 1905. Originally they were work boots for the mining, logging and farming industry, they were handcrafted and built to last. These factors are the key drivers to why we are seeing them reappear in 2014, the quest for an item of clothing that will stand the test of time, take you on a journey and age and weather as you do. We are yearning for products to be honest and well made, the time of throw a way fashion is behind us, its time to buy less and buy better. I have also noticed that we have a current obsession with all thing Americana, I read somewhere that post recession we are yearning for a time when America was top of the world with regards to money and power, Im not sure whether thats true or not, but its an interesting thought.



Cool Hunting Week 2 – Harmony

Harmony - CSM - Week 2

Week 2 on the course we learned all about how the internet can be a valuable tool when trend forecasting. Our project was to research into a future trend, I chose SS16 and looked into how consumer habits are shaping the clothes that we want to wear.

Mindfulness has been everywhere this year. It’s one of the key buzz words and meditation has become common place, not only within our homes, but also within the workplace. Companies such as Facebook and Google offer meditation classes to keep the stress levels down, giving employees a time to reflect. Taking time to reflect on the last few years and seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses offers a sense of comfort and softness in a chaotic world.

I recently saw an interview with Li Edelkoort about how we are craving touch; “the more screens we have the more our figures are afraid we’re going to disappear,” she says. “I feel it already in my fingers that they want me to touch lots of things so I don’t loose contact with touch.” Thats why soft, buttery leathers, 3D knits and delicate silks in bleached-out peach tones with sand washed neutrals are so important in 2016.

Shapes take inspiration from history but are reworked in a modern and minimal way. Everything about this trend is soft, comforting and quietly feminine.

You can find further research on my Harmony Pinterest board.



Cool Hunting Week 1 – Varsity

imageOur next project as part of week 1 was to create a moodboard which showed a current trend.

I wanted to pick something that isn’t typically my style, but is a trend that I really love at the moment. Varsity has been greatly influenced by the Nineties, an era that I love, along with sportswear, street culture and music. Sportswear is huge right now and working out has never been so popular. I say this from my bed having done my back in at the gym, boo!

Exercise such as Cross Fit and Skinny Bitch Collective are becoming really mainstream and women want to prove that they can lift just a heavy weights as the men can. This has really filtered into fashion showing that sportswear isn’t just for the gym anymore. Celebraties such as Rhianna and Rita Ora for Adidas have not only increased the popularity of this trend but also given it a strong female face.

Coated fabrics, quilting and mesh help smooth the transition from sports to high street and the Varsity jacket is the must have item. I love the images on the board because they show how a youthful trend can worn by women over the age of 30 (ie. me.!)

You can see further research on my Varsity Pinterest Board 

Cool Hunting Week 1



For years I have wanted to do the online Cool Hunting course with Central St Martins, but something has always got in the way. Whether it be cash flow or traveling with work, I have never found the right time. This year, however, I haven’t gone on my bi-annual trip with work, which did make me a little sad at the time but then, to spin a negative into a positive, I can now do the course. Wahoo!!!

For those of you who don’t know, Central St Martins do an online course on the amazing topic of Cool Hunting. It’s an 8-week course which is run a few times throughout the year. I’ve always been really interested in trends. It not only makes up such a huge part of my job role with regards to home and lifestyle trends, but its also my passion and my hobby. I wanted to use this course to broaden my skills and look to new areas of design.

Fashion has always fascinated me and while it’s refreshing to look at something new for fun, I’ll hopefully meet some new people as well. For the next 8 weeks, once a week, I will log on to a virtual classroom with 12 other people who are located all over the world to learn more about the art of Cool Hunting. It’s exciting to see where this journey will lead me and I can’t tell you how excited I was for the first class…

Our first project was to create a moodboard showing our personal style and a small insight into our world. Regulars visitors to this site will know that I have always love creating moodboards. I can quite happily spend hours researching, trying finding the perfect picture that encompasses everything that you want to say in one image.

I really enjoyed this project from the start. I knew exactly what images I wanted on my board and then threw in a little humour about food and my love of sleep.

What would your personal style moodboard look like?

Pretty in Pink

I wouldn’t class myself as a girly girl but at the moment I am loving pink, it just feels so fresh and flirty, which is such an uplift when the weather has been so grey over the last few days. I suppose we should all embrace our femininity and embrace a bit more pink in our lives, I mean it does really compliment the grey skies after all