Ding Ding…..all change

Credits: Mr and Mrs Globe Trott

As most of you know, I am currently in the process of relocating back to Nottingham, after living in Manchester for 6 years I am finally returning to the motherland to start my new job as a Textile Designer for Next.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of packing and getting the flat ready to be rented out. I’m still coming to terms with someone else living in my home which took so long to create. Although massively excited about this new stage in my life and the prospect of designing for such a major high street retailer, I am somewhat nervous and to be honest knackered – this packing business is exhausting! While it can be said that the posts on lovelittle have been somewhat sporadic, I think over the next few weeks they will very few and far between. Having said that, once I am moved and sorted, business will resume as normal and I shall switch on my Etsy and Folksy shops again.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me support over the last year and a half, especially my fiancé because without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. x

Tea Towel Trends

Here is a board showing three trends I have noticed in tea towels, typographic, vintage and kitchen utensil illustrations. Hope they inspire. Have a great weekend. Lou x


The next trend is called Kashmir which looks at the use of global patterns but in a more subtle and textural way than we have previously seen. What I love about this trend is how the ethnic patterns are more muted and sit beautifully with the different textures ranging from Moroccan wedding blankets to cut outs in pottery. I think this also has a great scope to be a high end luxurious range for the home. :)

For me, for you

This is Wendy and she makes a regular appearance in one of my favourite blogs, For me, For you which is written by Kate, a graphic designer / jewelry designer who has recently relocated to LA. I definitely think you should take a look at Kate’s website and flickr account because sometimes its nice to just escape into pictures of other peoples lives.


I just thought I would show you two commissions that I worked on last month for some of my friends.If you’re interested in a similar commission then please let me know.