Credit: Design Robot

Its hard not to get emotional when I talk of Glastonbury. This was my second time at Worthy Farm, even though I didn’t get the bug the first time, this time has more than made up for it. I have never experienced a place where the outside world is truly forgotten for 5 whole days. All of your hang ups and worries just disappear and all you can think about is what band will I see next, will I make it through to sunrise and what interesting people will I meet today, the lack of showering and the disgusting toilets are just small hurdles to overcome on the way. Glastonbury I salute you, I am counting down to 2013 already.



Apparently all it takes is for Queen Kirsty to tell us to stop buying new and check out our local antiques fairs and ‘Upcycling’ is born. Being an avid buyer of all things old and battered, I have found the prices have shot up considerably and the good stuff is so hard to find now, thanks Kirsty! I mean this isn’t new guys, has nobody heard of Baileys? Read more