Debbie Powell

I found Debbie Powell’s work this morning whilst reading through my endless list of blogs and was immediately in love with her work. Debbie is a freelance illustrator and printmaker based in London, her client list includes Jamie Oliver, M&S, The Guardian and Royal Mail to name a few. It turns out I have been a fan of her work for a while but never been able to put the name to the work.

Credits: Debbie Powell, Sparrow and co (who make great candles)


It’s all go at LoveLittle. My latest brochure is finally finished – you can request it along with a trade price list by sending an email via the contact form. I am currently screen printing my Christmas stock which should be available next week, and my products are all now available on Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous as well as through Etsy and Folksy. If you would like to be kept up to date with new products and offers then please fill out the form to the right of this page and I will keep you regularly updated. And finally, I have also just updated my freelance website with my most recent work for you to peruse at your pleasure. Have a great week :)

Nicola Pearson

You might remember a few months ago I did a post on Nicola Pearson who is represented by Paper and Cloth. Last week when I was at Premier Vision I was lucky enough to look through Nicola’s portfolio of work for Paper and Cloth. What I love about Nicola’s work is the naivety and also the colour palettes, she is a really talented designer and basically I am a little bit jealous. I think she joins Gemma Correll on my list of illustrators I love. Keep up the good work Nicola :)

More updates, post-PV are to follow this week, I have some trend information and also some of the designers and studios that I met whilst I was there. Keep them peeled.

Alice Melvin

Alice was born in 1982 and grew up in the seaside town of Saltburn in the north east of England. Alice now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland where she works with a range of clients including British Library, Tate, and Centre for Fine Print Research at University West of England Bristol. Alice’s work is inspired by her love of paper and the the process of screen printing images by hand. This still remains an integral part of her work which is an element that I also feel very passionate about. Animals, birds, pattern and text occur frequently in her work along with the interactive aspect thus making her work perfect for children’s books. Having just completed by book binding course I am deeply inspired by the books that Alice has made and find each one beautiful and unique for both children and adults. You can see more of Alice’s work here.