Banksy Exhibition

Be warned!

If you want to see the Banksy exhibition be prepared to queue for 3 hours to get in.

Unfortunately for us, it was also in the rain. I am shocked at how big the queue was, I didn’t really think that Banksy was that popular, how naive is that! I really enjoyed the exhibition though, the work really makes you think and some pieces make you laugh. Anyway here are a few snaps to wet your appetite.


Moody photographs for a moody day


I have been looking at a lot of different photographers work recently and I really love the moody, almost worn look that the photographs below have. I was discussing this with my boyfriend last night and we were trying to work out how I can achieve this with my digital SLR.  I almost think my digital camera is too good, so I want to buy a Lomo camera to have a play with that :) If anyone knows how I can achieve this look with my digital SLR then please email me. Also check out the links below, especially Zara Jennings who has the most amazing photography and she is only 16.

zara jennings, susannah conway, Emilie, the photographic dictionary, naturally nina,, text on board Jason Yang.

The Cherry Blossom Girl


The Cherry Blossom girl is a beautiful website.

It has some stunning photographs that give a real mystical fairylike feel. This follows on through the photographs into the clothes which are all really feminine and classy. I am loving the flowery Doc Martins as well.

Its definitely worth checking out for the fashion and also some lovely print ideas, plus she is French. Say no more!