Oooh la la

I have been obsessed with Paris and French people for years, I think I went through a huge stage actually wanting to be French, I actually havent got over this yet. On friday night I watched the amazing film, An Education and Carey Mulligans character set me off again. Quick note before I start harping on about Paris, An Education is the most inspiring film I have seen in ages. It literally had everything that I love in the world all wrapped up in one film, including custard creams. I adored Carey Mulligan in it and basically I cant wait to watch is again, and again, and again (you get the idea), especially the part in Paris, the cinematography is beautiful.

Ok Paris, France, and me being so obsessed! I love the French style, the language, the food, the art, the buildings, I just cant wait to get back. So yesterday when I was on my french trawl of the internet, whilst waiting to watch Amelie for the 15th time, I found Little Brown Pen. Little Brown Pen is run by Nichole Robertson a copywriter who lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey and she too is a raving Francophile like me, except she gets to spend three months a year in Paris. Her website is stunning and gives a really feel of Paris especially the colours.

Here is her descrpition of what she loves about Paris.

“I like the way the light hits the centuries-old buildings, the unique juxtaposition of ancient and modern, the appreciation for beauty, the attention to detail, and of course the food.”

A woman after my own heart. You can buy Nichole’s photographs on her Etsy shop here.

All photos Little Brown Pen

Wai Lin Tse

way lin

I love this photography taken by the very talented Wai Lin Tse. He has recently shot the new Urban Outfitters catalogue.

I am very excited about the summer sequins.

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Credits : Wai Lin Tse

365 project

I have just seen on Make something that the latest buzz is the 365 project.

You take a photograph everyday throughout the year, I have wanted to take more pictures and this will be a nice way to document the year I turned thirty.

Check out my photographs on my newly updated flickr. Here is todays picture.