Lookbook.nu is quite possibily one of the best websites for fashion inspiration.

The photographs are gorgeous and a lot have a romatic, whimsical feel to them . I just love how not only the outfit is thought about but the location and the colours used.

However as someone approaching the tender age of 29 it becomes apparent that virtually everyone is below the age of 25, I just wish I had been that cool when I was younger.


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I climbed to the top of the tree

I have been toying with the idea of a tree print for a while but I have been looking for the perfect phrase to go with it. I came across this on the fabulous blog veryverybeautiful and thought the phrase and the image was gorgeous.  


 I loved the idea of a tree made up of a swirly pattern so I had a play around and this is what I came up with.I have recently put this on a screen and started to play with various colours but at the moment my screens are not my friends and the photo-sensitive emulsion keeps peeling off. I am having another go and as soon as they look good I’ll update you on my progress.



What you looking at


This weekend is a Carry on Britain outing to the Yorkshire Dales. Carry on Britain is a blog that some friends and I run, which is promoting British produce. As a research trip we are heading the Yorkshire Dales and spending the weekend walking, eating Wensleydale cheese and drinking bitter. I just hope the weather stays nice.

Happy bank holiday weekend

Karl, I wish you were my friend.



I have the biggest obsession with Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection in my opinion was absolutely stunning. The use of white was elegant, the silhouettes and details were captivating. I loved it! One day a piece of Chanel will be mine, until then I’ll just have to be moved by each collection (from a far).  


Images taken from The Independent.co.uk