Mint & Gold


This moodboard began with the idea of opulence, tarnished and worn gold, but I think the addition of mint green makes this fresh for next spring summer. All images and links can be found here and I will continue to add images over the next few weeks.

Like New

Credits : Pinterest, The Killing Moon, Pop Culture Afternoon, Paris-Iloveyou, Lucy Laught, The Sartorialist.

I feel like a new person after my trip to Somerset. Time to get creative again, blog more, draw more and get the whole work life balance just right. Exciting times are happening at work, I am being moved on to a product area that I feel is better suited to my style and its an area I am really passionate about. All this newness is going to be topped off when I change my hair colour yet again. I hope that blondes do have more fun.


Apparently all it takes is for Queen Kirsty to tell us to stop buying new and check out our local antiques fairs and ‘Upcycling’ is born. Being an avid buyer of all things old and battered, I have found the prices have shot up considerably and the good stuff is so hard to find now, thanks Kirsty! I mean this isn’t new guys, has nobody heard of Baileys? Read more