Bill Cunningham


This week we are looking at Streetstyle photography which I have loved. Of  the movies I watched this week, my favourite is a documentary on the legend that is Bill Cunningham. Bill is a really interesting character, for those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a street photographer based in New York and he currently works for the New York Times. He has been taking photographs since the 1970s and is hugely respected within the industry but still continues to ride around New York on his bike at the age of 85 and isn’t affected by the glamour and decadence around him. He is intensely passionate about what he does, his smile just radiates throughout the whole movie and his enthusiasm of fashion and people is infectious. Its a beautiful and moving film about passion, acceptance and living simply in a world which is extravagant to say the least.


Pretty in Pink

I wouldn’t class myself as a girly girl but at the moment I am loving pink, it just feels so fresh and flirty, which is such an uplift when the weather has been so grey over the last few days. I suppose we should all embrace our femininity and embrace a bit more pink in our lives, I mean it does really compliment the grey skies after all



Bike Love


I got a bike a few months ago. It’s not the beautiful vintage bike I’d dreamed of because, apparently, a crusty bike with a basket on the front is not practical for off road biking. It’s a bright red, brand new mountain bike and the thing is, I love it!

This bike has made me so happy. It’s something that the hubby and I can enjoy together, but also gives me time to think, as I’m whizzing through the country lanes near my home. I love the feeling of the cold air on my face as I get to explore and really immerse myself in my surroundings.

What about you? Do you love riding your bike too…?

Credits : Bike World Beg Bicycles, Happy Interior Blog ,Winter Barn, Just Smile & Wave. Bike Love Pinterest Page. 

Addicted to Pinterest

The dogs I wish I had. Source Pinterest (of course) Originally

My name’s Louise and I am addicted to Pinterest.

There I have said it!!

When I recently showed someone my account and my 2,200 pins and they were shocked, but in my defence, some accounts have tens of thousands of pins and my account is small fry in comparison. Part of me though, is quite proud of my Pinterest account. I’ve spent hours trawling through blogs pinning away and I am one of the few that remembers when Pinterest was invite only. I pin pictures of the person I would like to be, the house I would love to live in, the places I want to travel to, the dog I wish I had!!!! But nothing is better than that moment when you find a new blog with a sea of beautiful pictures that you just need to collect and organise into boards, filling your wall with inspiration.

My husband said I was a Curator, I like this analogy, it has more meaning than ‘I just like organised collections of pretty and inspirational pictures’. I suppose it was a natural progression from sketchbooks, but unlike sketchbooks, when the page doesn’t look pretty you can’t rip it out.

In a way, Pinterest has become a record of me. When I was looking for a job, I posted lots of beautiful patterns. When I moved, I posted delightful interior shots. It’s a record of what I have loved over the last 3 years. I suppose we all have a social media that excites us and Pinterest is mine. I am a designer after all!

Source Pinterest. Originally

Colour Clash

Credits: All images and credits on my Colour Clash Pinterest board. 

One of the biggest things happening in world of design at the moment is the reintroduction of colour.

I started to look at this a few months ago with the kaleidoscope of colour in the world of fashion and I am so happy it has trickled down to the high street and the world of interiors. Gone are the basic primary colours and in its place we have an amazing array of fluorescence and sophisticated bright pastels. Key elements are the use of matte colour in the kitchen and and shots of colour on table legs, which, when mixed with muted greys, make it much easier to use in the home.