Cool Hunting Week 1



For years I have wanted to do the online Cool Hunting course with Central St Martins, but something has always got in the way. Whether it be cash flow or traveling with work, I have never found the right time. This year, however, I haven’t gone on my bi-annual trip with work, which did make me a little sad at the time but then, to spin a negative into a positive, I can now do the course. Wahoo!!!

For those of you who don’t know, Central St Martins do an online course on the amazing topic of Cool Hunting. It’s an 8-week course which is run a few times throughout the year. I’ve always been really interested in trends. It not only makes up such a huge part of my job role with regards to home and lifestyle trends, but its also my passion and my hobby. I wanted to use this course to broaden my skills and look to new areas of design.

Fashion has always fascinated me and while it’s refreshing to look at something new for fun, I’ll hopefully meet some new people as well. For the next 8 weeks, once a week, I will log on to a virtual classroom with 12 other people who are located all over the world to learn more about the art of Cool Hunting. It’s exciting to see where this journey will lead me and I can’t tell you how excited I was for the first class…

Our first project was to create a moodboard showing our personal style and a small insight into our world. Regulars visitors to this site will know that I have always love creating moodboards. I can quite happily spend hours researching, trying finding the perfect picture that encompasses everything that you want to say in one image.

I really enjoyed this project from the start. I knew exactly what images I wanted on my board and then threw in a little humour about food and my love of sleep.

What would your personal style moodboard look like?

Silken Favours


Victoria Murdoch is the amazing talent behind Silken Favours and was spotted at the Liberty Best of British open day which resulted in her scarves being stocked in store. Each design is created using time consuming hand drawn techniques, taking everyday images and making them both kitsch and whimsical.