Stock Pile

I admit I have been rubbish with posts this week.

I have spent nearly everyday in the print studio preparing all my stock for Designers Marketplace next weekend. I couldn’t resist the urge last night to put it all together to see how it looks. I am really happy with the results, I hope that I get some good feedback next weekend. This weekend however I am off to a dance themed party and I am watching Twilight (scream) tonight. Have a good weekend.

p.s. my new print Night Garden is at the bottom of the post.



Interior Dreams

I live in a one bedroom flat, which both myself and my fiance work freelance from,so sometimes I just dream of space!!! One day Ill have my house in the country, preferably by the sea. Until then, ill daydream.


Nice Package!!

Nice package is a lifestyle brand from one of my favorite bloggers Ez Pudewa from Creature Comforts and her friend Marichelle Burdman from Heart handmade.

SHOP-award-tag-2 SHOP-10twine-10pins

“With a shared obsession for incorporating creativity in the everyday, Ez and Marichelle have developed a lifestyle line designed to offer simple solutions for infusing creativity and beauty into their customer’s homes and lives. The line includes a unique collection of gift-packaging essentials that will add sparkle to gifts, and home décor items sure to bring a touch of whimsy to any home.”

SHOP-bunting-1 SHOP-bow_bags-1

Personally I love the overall look of the brand as the rustic simplicity of the products is really up my street.

shop-festivegarland-1 SHOP-jute

Virginia Graham

fabpurse2 gallerycushion4

My mum and I spotted Virginia Grahams ceramics in a small gallery when I was home and both of us were attracted to the quirkiness of the pieces. I got to look at more pieces in details when I was at GNCCF last weekend along with her newly released textiles range. What I particularly like is the new spin on the chintzy florals we have seen before by combining them together on ceramics and how well they sit alongside the textiles. I am a great fan of the unmatched quirky look anyway and would love to have some of these pieces in my home.

virginia graham