I came across Amy Butler Design through another magnificent blog Make Something. Both websites are truly inspirational and they make me wish I was better on my sewing machine so I could create all the beautiful bags and clothes that these ladies create so effortlessly. Amy Butler is well worth looking at, her patterns are stunning, I love the giftwrap collections shown below.


One of those days

Uh! I am having one of those days today.


Credits:Flickr (but I cant remember who, please let me know if you recognize this photo)

Anyway quit with the moaning. This weekend I was on a Portfolio box making course at Hot Bed Press which was taught by the very talented Lucy May Schofield. We learned how to make an archival portfolio box in which you can store prints and photographs safely for many years. They are stunning pieces, but I was a little concerned that my lack of precision would really let me down. However, my box turned out perfect! The measurements were slightly dubious but the overall result was amazing (even if I do say so myself). I am addicted now so next weekend I am putting my skills to use and making some more boxes. When I heard about the book binding course that Lucy does, I confess I did get a little over excited.

I also wanted to direct people over to another blog that I have found which is about Charlotte Taylor’s trials and tribulations of starting up her own fashion label, which she will launch at London Fashion Week Feb 2010.

I love how she describes her move .”Amid the depths of darkest recession a crazed yet determined girl decided it was an appropriate time to up sticks, leave her job and start up her own fashion label under her own name, and with that CHARLOTTE TAYLOR was born”.

I mean really, who leaves their job in a recession to create their own company???? (yeah that will be me also).

Lulu and Nat

Driven by colour and inspired by India, Mumbai-based Lulu McEvoy and London-based Nat Robinson launched Lulu & Nat, a home and lifestyle range for adults and children.


Lulu and Nat have created a modern, vibrant collection with an exotic Indian edge. Handcrafted and made in India using traditional techniques, each piece is completely unique and nothing is mass-produced. The result is a beautiful selection of hand-printed bedlinen, embroidered wall hangings and embellished cushions – all in Lulu & Nat’s signature Anglo-Indian style.


roomimage_05 roomimage_01

I would just quickly like to say thank you to everyone who came to see me at the Designers’ Marketplace on Sunday. It was a great day and lovely to get feedback on my products.