Smock is based in Syracuse, New York, where their print shop has 20 antique presses, 50 tons of equipment, and 17 employees. Smockpaper describe themselves as, “faithful lovers of historic craft. We have letterpress ink in our veins. We are idealists. This means we believe in things. We are trying to make the world better right now. This affects everything we do. We read Walt Whitman (he was a letterpress printer too, by the way). We fall head over heels for heavy cast iron presses. We believe in the creation of beautiful things. And we want, like you, to feel good about where our beautiful things come from”

You can see the beautiful letter-pressed stationary, invitations and gift wrap on

Sarah Waterhouse Textiles

Sarah Waterhouse Textiles is a textile design and printing company where all fabric is printed by hand in a small studio in Sheffield, England.

The company is run by Sarah Waterhouse who designs all the collections and prints every piece of fabric by hand using water based inks on hemp or organic cotton thus giving it a strong environmental and ethical policy. What I love about the fabrics is the use of one or two carefully chosen colours, the simple designs and the way each print coordinate together, and obvious the use of pugs in  prints is always a winner.

Hard Backed Books

A few weeks ago I completed a hard backed book course at Hot Bed Press. Its the first book binding course that I have done and I loved it. I had previously done a Portfolio box making course at Hot bed press and I throughly enjoyed that as well. Both courses are taught by the talented Lucy May Schofield who is brilliant teacher. Its lovely to spend the weekend with a group of ladies learning a new skill (and eating biscuits) and I will most definintley be doing more book binding courses at Hot Bed Press when they next come up.

So here are pictures of what I created. This is my hard backed book, its GORGEOUS. Metallic purple buckram with a stunning iridescent hand made paper from Liberty end papers.

I have since made some pamphlet notebooks with my prints which I am now selling through my Etsy and Folksy shop. Each has a bright contrasting belly band and end papers.

Craft Fair

I did a craft fair in York this weekend. It was very disappointing!

I thought my stand looked good though, I was happy with the way the product looked when it was all laid out.

What I love about craft fairs is meeting different people, because I don’t get much of that since I have been freelancing. I love seeing the reactions to my work and what pieces people are drawn to but I am finding craft fairs not the best place to sell my work. So far Designers Marketplace in Middlesbrough has been the only venue that has not been a disappointment.  I am desperate to find a decent craft fair in Manchester or in the North, most however seem to be down south. On the plus side though the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair has called for entries and I am going to apply! Fingers crossed I am at a high enough standard.

Oh and to anyone I met this weekend at York, thanks for stopping by my stand and taking an interest in what I do, hopefully you will pop back here soon :)

Valentines Day Cards

What a crazy ridiculous amount of posts in one day.

Valentines Day cards available on Etsy. They are all hand screen printed by me (of course) and available in bright pink or soft pink. They are £1.75 each with free P&P. Each card is individually wrapped with an envelope.

Oooh I wonder what will be in store for me on Valentines Day (hint hint). I know what’s in store, a craft fair in Harrogate and hopefully some take away cakes from Betty’s (more hint hint).