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Cool Hunting Week 1

  For years I have wanted to do the online Cool Hunting course with Central St Martins, but something has always got in the way. Whether it be cash flow or traveling with work, I have never found the right time. This year, however, I haven’t gone on my bi-annual trip with work, which did make me a […]

Sometimes you just need a little break

This feels like one of those really awkward moments when you meet a friend that you haven’t seen for a while; you know that you should have text, maybe dropped them a line, but unfortunately life got in the way. So let’s just gloss over the fact I haven’t blogged in quite a while, I’m not […]

Pretty in Pink

I wouldn’t class myself as a girly girl but at the moment I am loving pink, it just feels so fresh and flirty, which is such an uplift when the weather has been so grey over the last few days. I suppose we should all embrace our femininity and embrace a bit more pink in […]

Bike Love

I got a bike a few months ago. It’s not the beautiful vintage bike I’d dreamed of because, apparently, a crusty bike with a basket on the front is not practical for off road biking. It’s a bright red, brand new mountain bike and the thing is, I love it! This bike has made me […]

Addicted to Pinterest

My name’s Louise and I am addicted to Pinterest. There I have said it!! When I recently showed someone my account and my 2,200 pins and they were shocked, but in my defence, some accounts have tens of thousands of pins and my account is small fry in comparison. Part of me though, is quite proud of […]