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Cool Hunting Week 4 – Menswear continued

Week 4 of the course we were asked to research the emerging trends that we saw bubbling up from our street observations last week, this really appealed to me as I love trying to work out where a trend has come from and why as consumers we all decide to buy into it at the same […]

Cool Hunting Week 3 – Streetstyle

Week 3 is the most interesting but daunting week of the course. For our project this week we were asked to go out and scout the streets of our local town or city and try to spot trends, then using the photographs from the day compose a moodboard which we would then present back to the […]

Bill Cunningham

This week we are looking at Streetstyle photography which I have loved. Of  the movies I watched this week, my favourite is a documentary on the legend that is Bill Cunningham. Bill is a really interesting character, for those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a street photographer based in New York and […]

Cool Hunting Week 2 – Harmony

Week 2 on the course we learned all about how the internet can be a valuable tool when trend forecasting. Our project was to research into a future trend, I chose SS16 and looked into how consumer habits are shaping the clothes that we want to wear. Mindfulness has been everywhere this year. It’s one […]

Cool Hunting Week 1 – Varsity

Our next project as part of week 1 was to create a moodboard which showed a current trend. I wanted to pick something that isn’t typically my style, but is a trend that I really love at the moment. Varsity has been greatly influenced by the Nineties, an era that I love, along with sportswear, street […]